Sunday, June 30, 2013

Foods to Eat and Avoid While on Your Period

While many woman work to keep their figure it tip top shape, eating heakthy food that is low on calories and carbs, much of that hard work is ruined when our "special time of the month" comes around. We work so hard to avoid all the snacking and tempting food that would completely kill our figures. I myself find a hard time passing up the bowl fulls of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. So how can we avoid the cravings that come with our periods and what food should we eat that would benefit us during this time? 

Get your magnesium! The craving of chocolate is actually a sign that our bodies are low on magnesium which is a side effect of our lovely periods. This is why we crave chocolate.
•Eat fruit and nuts so that you crave chocolate less. 

Avoid caffeine! This can lead to even more cramps and bloating. So lay off thecoffee  for a little while. 
Eat your fiber to avoid cramps! Alot of the time for whatever reason our bodies digestive system gets all messed up during our period. By consuming fiber it will keep things regular by producing bulkier stool and letting go of excess water. So eat your beans and leafy greens! They are rich in fiber and vitamin B, of which both help. 

Keep your flow light! Do this by eating dark greens. They have alot of vitamin K which help coagulate your blood and keep the blood flow light. 

Avoid foods and beverages with high sodium content! While on our period we tend to bloat right? Well this is because our bodies are storing water. So why would we want to add to the bloating by putting sodium in to our body which naturally causes your body to retain water. 

Eat dark chocolate! Dark chocolate has been proven to sooth your cravings and it will also boost your serotonin levels which will help your mood. 

Drink lots of water! Even though the reason you bloat is because of water drinking even more water will help your body release the water your body is retaining. 

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