Friday, May 31, 2013

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Has for years been known as a harmful oil but recently with a better understanding of it has made a comeback and is now known to be a very beneficial oil.  So if your trying to ditch the chemicals and try to live a more natural life and free up some space in your home, buy some coconut oil. It is good for your health and your wallet. 
Here are just some of the many uses of the beautiful oil. 

•Gives Your Hair Shine

•Moisturizes Your Skin
Coconut oil is extremely rich in vitamin E and is easily absorbed into your skin.

•Teeth Whitener 
Mix this with baking soda and you have a homemade natural toothpaste. The oil has an anti fungal in it which can prevent plaque build up.

•Anti Fungal Cream
Because coconut oil is rich in Lauric acid which is a natural anti fungal. 

•Helps Blood Sugar Levels
This helps improve insulin use in the body.

•Helps Improve Weight Loss
Coconut oil has a fat in it called triglycerides that when broken down helps improve the bodies ability to break down other fats. Especially abdominal fat. 

•Makeup Remover
Again because it is such a moisturizing oil it is easily absorbed into the skin and helps grab the makeup and can be wiped away. 

•Anti-aging Cream
Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants which helps preserve your skin and replenish it with new skin cells.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Workout Motivation Tips

Working out can sometimes be a pain and even though everyone wants that perfect body, the motivation for it isn't always there when the goal doesn't come as quickly as you'd like it to. So sometimes other forms of motivation are needed to keep yourself going each day.

1) Give yourself a little incentive. There are two ways to do this. For both you will need to pick something that you can treat yourself to whether it be a massage, a new purse or a little trip. The first way is after every workout you complete, put a dollar into a jar or some sort of container. Once you reach the amount of money you needed for your treat, go ahead and spend it! The next way is to give yourself a dollar for every pound you lose. Either way works, it is just whichever way you prefer. Both will however give you something to really look forward to and when you see the amount of money growing this will also motivate you. And once you reach your treat this will always be a reminder of why you are doing what you do and when you see the treat you got yourself it will be a reminder of your hard work.

2) Create a motivation board. This will be something that you see everyday and will constantly remind you and motivate you to keep going. It can include quotes and pictures and pep talks that mean something to you. Put small goals on it and cross them off as you complete them. 

3) Challenge your family or friends to do it with you. You can both motivate each other to keep going and keep each other on track. Make a competition out of it and make a deal to do something at the end of it for whoever loses more. Which ever works for the both of you. This is a great way to keep from getting bored and a little competition is always a good thing and never hurt anyone;)

Home Remedies for Sunburns

Everyone has had that day where they laid out at the pool or were outside for entirely too long. Only to realize a few hours later that we are completely burnt. But has it ever happened to you that when you look for the relief of Aloe Vera but we are totally out we think that we are going to be left in pain. But now there are some easy home remedies that can help ease the pain of your burn if you ever find yourself here.
1) Apply a topical vitamin E to your skin. Whether you have a bottle laying around of you need to break a few capsules open. This method can work if you try to apply shortly after you have received the burn although the effectiveness fades after time passes. 

2) The next one is milk! Apply dabbed on cool milk to your skin. The creates a coating over your skin which helps sooth it and keep it cool. 

3) Another one is vinegar. Now I've heard both regular vinegar and apple cider vinegar. I person have used the second one. You can either spray it on you or a relaxing way is to pour quite a bit into a bath and soak in it. This helps pull out the heat from your skin. 

4) Grate potatoes and apply to sunburned skin. The starch will cool and soothe the burn.

5)Add some black or green tea to your bathwater to soothe sunburned skin. Or pat sunburned skin with wet tea bags.

6) Shaving cream has also been said to work. Because it often has menthol and other agents in it that are cooling to the skin. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Smooth Lips

Everyone wants smooth lips that have no cracks. No one wants to apply lipstick and have your lips show the peeling rough skin. Everyone wants their lips to look kissable and for the lipstick to apply smoothly.
One obvious way to receive smoother lips is to drink plenty of water so your skin stays hydrated.
Another way is to make sure to always apply a hydrating lip balm.
But when those two ways fail you can always exfoliate! One way to do that is to simply take your tooth brush, wet it and gently massage your lips with the bristles and take the dead skin off. 
Another way is to take a mixture of brown sure, honey, and olive oil and massage that paste on to your lips and take the dead skin off with the sugar and leave your lips hydrated and smooth with the honey and olive oil. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nail ideas

China glaze

Quick Dry Nails

For anyone who loves to paint their nails but doesn't always have time to wait for them to dry here is a quick tip. It's obvious that there are top coats that helps nail polish dry quickly but who wants to spend the money for that? So for a cheap way to have your nails dry quickly, apply Pam non stick baking spray. It works just the same!

Ways to Prevent Oily Skin

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a natural absorbent, which is meant to absorb excess oil form the skin and also keep the oil production under control. Apply this gel on your face at least three times a dayto get a glowing and healthy looking skin.

Baking Soda: To remove excess oil from skin, baking soda is very helpful. Add a spoon of baking soda in a bottle of your mild face wash and mix it well. This solution is very helpful for your oily skin. Clean your skin with this mixture twice a day to get a good healthy skin.

Cucumbers: Cucumber is a natural coolant, which helps in providing relief to the inflammation in oily skin. Take a spoon of cucumber juice and mix it with equal proportion of lemon juice. Apply it on your face for about half an hour daily. This will provide relief from oily skin and also helps skin to glow.

Corn Starch: apply cornstarch to the end of your makeup brush and mix with foundation. The corn starch will then be applied onto your face and stay applied as long as your foundation is on. The corn starch will absorb any oil that begins to form on your face. 

Thicker, Longer Lashes

Mascara is a beautiful thing whenever your lashes aren't quite long enough or thick enough for your likings. Tube after tube when we get done we are left with the same thin, and dull lashes and an empty useless tube of mascara... Or is it useless? Now you can use it to actually make your lashes better and possibly end the on going cycle of buying mascara. Take the empty tube and clean it. Fill 1/4 of the tube with castor oil. 1/2 of the tube fill with vitamin E, and 1/4 of the tube fill with aloe Vera gel. Mix this combination as well as possible. Now apply this to your lashes every night before bed and give it at least a month to work.
Castor oil will help thicken your lashes while the aloe Vera gel will help lengthen them. The vitamin E will help accelerate the growth of them. 

Spring Outfit Ideas

The other day I was thinking how hard it can be to dress fashionably in the spring. One day it can be really hot then the next really cool. And it is just difficult. When it's cooler out you want to dress warm but sometimes it's harder to when you still want to give off the spring vibe. So I was thinking ok so how can I make a warmer outfit still look springy And so here are some tips.
1) wear a floral or bright colored scarf. It keeps you Warmer but has a spring pattern. 
2) wear colored wedges. Wedges look great with jeans and if they are bright that helps give off the spring vibe.
3) wear white. White and black were really in this spring and white is definitely a spring color so when you are dressing warm and wanting to show its spring white automatically makes the difference. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Happy and Stress Free Lie

People often wonder how they can be happier and how they can be less stressed out. Well like most people I wondered that too. I experience anxiety quite often and can be quite unhappy because of it. It can totally ruin my day and work on my body as well. I began to work on myself and it also helped that I took a couple of classes on happiness this last semester in college and tried to come up with some ways to change all the stress I was experiencing. So I am going to start posting some tips on what I do and what I learned on how to be less stressed out and be happier.

I realized a majority of stress was from school and just my life feeling like I just couldn't have enough time to do everything. So tip number one is...
1. Buy a planner.
When I get stressed out over what I have to do in a day I feel like my head starts spinning and I don't know where to start. So simply take the planner and start off first by going through the days and writing down the most important things that need to get done and write it down when it needs to be done or when you can get them done.
Then go through and fill in the rest of the things that you need to get done that aren't quite as important. However make sure that you are not putting to many things to do for each day. Spread them out. Make it manageable and plan ahead for things that could change.
Just by doing this and getting it written down always makes me feel better like I have a plan and it will get done and I have organization now.
Also once things start getting done, cross them off! There is nothing better than not only knowing you have completed a task, but once you actually see the items getting crossed off it takes a weight off your chest.

I hope this little bit helps and I will be back with more!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Ok so for most makeup lovers out there it is a given that using makeup brushes is the best way to apply your makeup. However, sometimes for people buying the brushes and the makeup itself is a splurge all on its own. So when it comes time to cleaning your makeup brushes(which should be done!!!!), spending the money on the brush cleanser just isn't a priority. But I have found a way to clean your brushes at home without needing to go out and buy anything! This method has been tried and true and I recommend it!

What you'll need:
-White Vinegar
-Hot water
-Table Spoon measurer
-A cup

How To:
First, take your cup and fill it with hot water, then take a tablespoon of white vinegar and pour it in. Then set your brushes in and let them soak for 20 minutes! You will see a bunch of the makeup making the water look really dirty. You'll know it's working! Then after 20 minutes rinse the brush with hot, then cold water, and pat it dry! This method will clean and disinfect your brushes. Leaving your brushes soft and usable again while helping prevent acne because all the oils from your face aren't siting on it Anymore.

Good luck!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring Outfit of the Day

One word, kohls. That is where I got my jeans, shirt, and jacket. I seriously love that place. My bracelets are from Clair's and my necklace is from kohls I think too... man Im consistent at least! If I ever forget to list where something is from just assume kohls! Also my shoes are from

This is a simple spring outfit that is casual for the inbetween weather but still looks dressy.

Also I am wearing noir tease from Victoria's Secret.

Spring Eye Look

I don't like to post products and color names sometimes simply because I don't want Anyone getting caught up on the fact that they may not have the color I'm using. So just match the colors I have to ones you have! They are typical colors that alot of people should have. So have fun and remember! It doesn't need to look the exact same!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Weight Loss Journey

I know that this is a little different than what I normally post but I figure this is still beauty related in a sense that being healthy and working out makes everyone look better! So if you have any questions Ill answer them! Ill probably start posting some tips on here as well as to what I do anyways!

Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey! I just wanted to post a picture and an easy idea for anyone who liked to paint their own nails! All I did was use my Sally Hanson breezy blues nail polish and painted my entire nail. Then I took a silver color and paints diagonally across the top corner of my nails and filled it in. It's alot easier than you think to paint a straight line. Plus this is so easy and cute!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Nails Look

I was thinking the other day that I really needed to re do my nails. So I sat down and did them. I used my Sally Hanson Lacy Lilac color on all of my fingers expect my pointer finger. Then on my pointer finger I just used a silver glittery nail polish and applied several coats of that for a lot of color. Then on my ring finger I took nail gems, any kind. You can usually find these anywhere and stuck them on my finger right in the middle. I applied them when my nail polish was still drying so that they would stick well. Then once all was dry I took my Sally Hanson hard as nails top coat and painted over all of my fingers and focused on the gems to make sure they were covered. This ensured that they would not come off. Everyone has really been liking my nails and I have to! The gems have stayed on so well and they don't grab my hair when I tummy fingers through it! I love this look! It is a nice spring color while adding a fancy touch to it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My everyday makeup look

Revlon : revlon color burst lip butter cupcake 055 for my lips.
Revlon color stay in 350 rich tan for my face.
Maybelline purestay powder foundation 20 buff for my T-zone.
Maybelline instant age rewind in medium
Maybelline full n soft mascara for my eyelashes.
Rimmel metallic stars roll on eye shadow for the corners of my inner eye to brighten my look up.
Costal scents 10blushpalette. I use any of the pink for my cheeks, it just depends on the day. And then the tanner colors I mix for my bronzer. I contour under my cheek bones, up around my forehead and on the sides of my nose.

Monday, May 6, 2013

April's Yes, No and Maybe So

Hello all! Here are the products that I have used in April that I may or may not have liked. I hope you enjoy this and I hope that this helps you decide what to buy if you were interested in any of these items yourself! Also if you have anything that you loved, leave it in the comments section!
First thing I loved were my new glasses that I got! They are the Ray Bans glasses with a wide rim and wide lens. I absolutely love these! They were kind of expensive, but hey they are in style right now and are honestly just a great pair of glasses. They are a big YES!
The Second item that is a big yes, was the Ponds Luminous Clean face wash. This product is so cream and smooth and feels amazing on my face. It is very gentle, but made to take off all of my makeup. It leaves my face feeling so fresh and moisturized. My face has cleared up so much just because of the ability to get all of my makeup off and out of my pores. I will definitely be re-purchasing this.
The next item is the NYC Sky Rise Mascara. This was definitely a no for me. The product it self left a flakey look to my eye lashed and did not make my lashes look any longer. I found my self having to put multiple coats on just to add and definition or thickness to my lashes. This did absolutely nothing for me.
Sorry that this next picture is upside down, however; the bright side is that this item was a Yes! It is the Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara. This mascara is suppose to make lashes stronger and thicker after a couple of weeks and yes it does! Many reason that eye lashes become so brittle is because when mascara is put on, it dries into a thick coating around the last, and when bent the mascara breaks off the eye lash. However, this mascara has a flex formula the leaves the eye lashes bendable. Not only is it good for healthy eye lashes but it also leaves them looking full and thick.


This next item is a maybe for me. It is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Jumbo Eye shadow stick in the color white. It leaves a great color however the consistency of this product is a little goopy at first and can crease. Also if it gets into your eyes it burns like nobody's business. However it stays on for a long time and doesn't fade.

On a off note I had to throw in something that was not beauty related. I know that this movie has been out for a while but it is so amazing. Water for Elephants has easily become one of my favorite movies recently. The acting in this is so incredible and who doesn't love Reese Witherspoon. The plot is great and it doesn't leave you disappointed like I thought it would. Big yess!

Okay so I know that these have been around for a while and that obviously those of you who has tried these know that they work great. But for those of you who haven't and think that you can get by with a oily forehead or just reapplying makeup. Think again. These Clean and Clear oil absorbing pads work so well at getting rid of oily looking skin without taking of your makeup. They are cheap and affordable and save yourself time from wasting face product when your face gets a little oily. These work really well for me when I am out and want to take pictures as well.

I know that everyone has seen these around and just to jump on the bandwagon here I have to say I love these Maybelline Baby Lips. They smell so amazing and feel so great on my lips. They are so smooth to apply and leave a perfect tint of color on my lips without looking like I tried too hard to get ready.

The next product that I have really like this month is the Revlon Photoready face powder. It is really good at covering up imperfections on my skin. It isn't a matt face powder however. It does have a little shimmer in it but it isn't over powering. It comes across quite beautifully in pictures and just kid of gives your skin a glowing look.

Ok so now you would think that since I loved the powder that the foundation would be great too but it just wasn't! It is the Revlon Photoready airbrush foundation. You push the pump and it comes out in a foam consistency. When I put it on my face it immediately starts turning into a very liquidy and runny substance. Whenever I have it all blended out it is like it doesn't dry  at all. It smears so easily and just leaves my face looking extremely dirty and oily. This product is a big fat no!

That is all my Yes, No's and Maybe So's for the month. I hope you enjoyed this is hopefully this helps you in the future. Leave any comments in the bottom if you have any questions and I'll talk to you guy later! Bye!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to have long wearing lip color

I recently found a great way to keep my lip colors on my lips for hours! It's so easy and so simple and it truly works. It only takes four easy steps for long wearing color!
Step 1. Apply lip color as usual
Step 2. Blot lip color with toilet paper, paper towel, etc.
Step 3. Apply a light colored powered like loose face powder, eye shadow, whatever.
Step 4. Reapply lip color over this.
The blotting of the lips really sets in the color so that there is a base that can't be smudged off. Then the powered helps dry and hold the colors to keep long wear. I love this! It is so simple.

Spring Lip Colors!

I went shopping and got some new lip colors that I have been absolutely loving!
The top color is Loreal Paris colour Riche balm in 950 come by my window. So smooth and gorgeous and has a nice color pay off.
The second color is Maybelline color whisper in 60 petal rebel. It is a very light color and very pretty.
The third is revlon color burst lip butter cupcake 055. Not alot of color pay off but it does create a very pretty shade to your lips and feels amazing. It is a very hot pink and so summer.

Spring Nail Polishes!

Spring and Summer weather is here and I am loving the spring nail polish colors. Pastels are all my favorite colors and I had to go out and by some new ones.
These are the Sally Hansen hard as nails nail polishes. I got each of these from target for about 2 dollars each. Which is so cheep. I was a little skeptical at how cheep they were quality wise but honestly they are great. One coat gave really great coverage and they lasted a long time without chipping.
The color on the left is Mint sorbet, the color in the middle is called Lacy Lilac, and the color on the right is called Breezy.