Monday, May 6, 2013

April's Yes, No and Maybe So

Hello all! Here are the products that I have used in April that I may or may not have liked. I hope you enjoy this and I hope that this helps you decide what to buy if you were interested in any of these items yourself! Also if you have anything that you loved, leave it in the comments section!
First thing I loved were my new glasses that I got! They are the Ray Bans glasses with a wide rim and wide lens. I absolutely love these! They were kind of expensive, but hey they are in style right now and are honestly just a great pair of glasses. They are a big YES!
The Second item that is a big yes, was the Ponds Luminous Clean face wash. This product is so cream and smooth and feels amazing on my face. It is very gentle, but made to take off all of my makeup. It leaves my face feeling so fresh and moisturized. My face has cleared up so much just because of the ability to get all of my makeup off and out of my pores. I will definitely be re-purchasing this.
The next item is the NYC Sky Rise Mascara. This was definitely a no for me. The product it self left a flakey look to my eye lashed and did not make my lashes look any longer. I found my self having to put multiple coats on just to add and definition or thickness to my lashes. This did absolutely nothing for me.
Sorry that this next picture is upside down, however; the bright side is that this item was a Yes! It is the Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara. This mascara is suppose to make lashes stronger and thicker after a couple of weeks and yes it does! Many reason that eye lashes become so brittle is because when mascara is put on, it dries into a thick coating around the last, and when bent the mascara breaks off the eye lash. However, this mascara has a flex formula the leaves the eye lashes bendable. Not only is it good for healthy eye lashes but it also leaves them looking full and thick.


This next item is a maybe for me. It is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Jumbo Eye shadow stick in the color white. It leaves a great color however the consistency of this product is a little goopy at first and can crease. Also if it gets into your eyes it burns like nobody's business. However it stays on for a long time and doesn't fade.

On a off note I had to throw in something that was not beauty related. I know that this movie has been out for a while but it is so amazing. Water for Elephants has easily become one of my favorite movies recently. The acting in this is so incredible and who doesn't love Reese Witherspoon. The plot is great and it doesn't leave you disappointed like I thought it would. Big yess!

Okay so I know that these have been around for a while and that obviously those of you who has tried these know that they work great. But for those of you who haven't and think that you can get by with a oily forehead or just reapplying makeup. Think again. These Clean and Clear oil absorbing pads work so well at getting rid of oily looking skin without taking of your makeup. They are cheap and affordable and save yourself time from wasting face product when your face gets a little oily. These work really well for me when I am out and want to take pictures as well.

I know that everyone has seen these around and just to jump on the bandwagon here I have to say I love these Maybelline Baby Lips. They smell so amazing and feel so great on my lips. They are so smooth to apply and leave a perfect tint of color on my lips without looking like I tried too hard to get ready.

The next product that I have really like this month is the Revlon Photoready face powder. It is really good at covering up imperfections on my skin. It isn't a matt face powder however. It does have a little shimmer in it but it isn't over powering. It comes across quite beautifully in pictures and just kid of gives your skin a glowing look.

Ok so now you would think that since I loved the powder that the foundation would be great too but it just wasn't! It is the Revlon Photoready airbrush foundation. You push the pump and it comes out in a foam consistency. When I put it on my face it immediately starts turning into a very liquidy and runny substance. Whenever I have it all blended out it is like it doesn't dry  at all. It smears so easily and just leaves my face looking extremely dirty and oily. This product is a big fat no!

That is all my Yes, No's and Maybe So's for the month. I hope you enjoyed this is hopefully this helps you in the future. Leave any comments in the bottom if you have any questions and I'll talk to you guy later! Bye!

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