Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Nails Look

I was thinking the other day that I really needed to re do my nails. So I sat down and did them. I used my Sally Hanson Lacy Lilac color on all of my fingers expect my pointer finger. Then on my pointer finger I just used a silver glittery nail polish and applied several coats of that for a lot of color. Then on my ring finger I took nail gems, any kind. You can usually find these anywhere and stuck them on my finger right in the middle. I applied them when my nail polish was still drying so that they would stick well. Then once all was dry I took my Sally Hanson hard as nails top coat and painted over all of my fingers and focused on the gems to make sure they were covered. This ensured that they would not come off. Everyone has really been liking my nails and I have to! The gems have stayed on so well and they don't grab my hair when I tummy fingers through it! I love this look! It is a nice spring color while adding a fancy touch to it.

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