Thursday, June 6, 2013

5 Tips to Lose Weight

Make sure to get plenty of sleep
Sleeps is what keeps your hormones producing correctly. If your body gets thrown off it won't burn fat correctly and may even produce hormones that store fat. 

Drink plenty of water
Water keeps you hydrated. A lot of the time your body is also growling because it is craving water. Water also helps you feel fuller resulting in less eating and helps flush out your body. 

Say no to late night snacks
Even if it is healthy this can throw of your body chemistry because at night your body focuses on burning current fat storage and not what you just took in. 

Eat small healthy meals every couple of hours
By eating small healthy meals more frequently you are keepingyour bodies   metabolism going constantly which results in a constant food burning so that it doesn't even settle.

Stay calm
When you get stressed out your body senses it and produces cortisol which makes your body stores fat. 

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