Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bath and Body Works + Victorias Secret Haul

So everyone knows that Bath and Body works had their store wide sale where everything was 75% off and the candles were only $10. So I stopped and grabbed a few things. Plus I also got one Victoria's Secret pink body mist. Did you know the two were sister stores?!?!

So first was the Expresso bar candle for $10 and omg this thing smells so amazing! I had to get it. I was with my friend and she was like that's a no brainer! 

Next I got the wall flowers in Peach Bellini, I have this scent for my car and love it so much I had to get it for me room. It came in a pack of 2 for only $6!

Then I got the Wild Peach Poppies body lotion and holy cow this thing is amazing. It just smells so freakish good! I wear this the time now and get so many compliments. It's so girly smelling! I got it for seriously like $3.

Then I picked up another air freshener for my car. I was going to get my mom one of the cheaper plastic ones there but this was 75% off and so cute so I got it for myself and gave my mom mine. I love it! It was like $3 again. 

Then I went to Victoria's Secret because I figured since they are sister stores they would have a sale too and they were! Everything was 65% off or more which is amazing! So I picked the Pink Surf Party body mist up for like $6 which is a great deal. It's a really fresh scent and I just can't get over it! 

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