Saturday, June 22, 2013

DIY decorative keys

Have you ever come across the problem of not knowing which key goes to what lock? Or had the urge to by those cute decorated keys but just couldn't bring yourself to spend the money on it? Well here is your solution! If you have time to paint your nails then you have time to customize your keys!

First pick out the nail polish colors you'd like to use. 
Then paint the end of then keys and flip it around and get the other side. 
Then tape the grooved end to the edge of a table of some sort and let it dry. 
(It is totally up to you if you want to add designs and really decorate them! You can use a sparkly nail polish or take thin pen nail polishes and make shapes or write words in them! )
Once it is dried take a clear top coat and paint the key again the same way and again let it dry.

You are left with cute customized keys that don't leave you guessing which is which! 

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