Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Relieve and Disguise a Sunburn

Ok so we have all been there. That day where we forget our sunscreen or just didn't feel like putting it on. Just to realize once it's too late that we may have stayed out in the sun for too long. We are now left with incredibly painful, and embarrassing red skin. So now what do we do?

First off lets try to reduce the redness and pain
1. Take a cool bath or shower! The water will cool your skin off which will help with the redness and take away some of the heat. 
2. Get yourself some apple cider vinegar. You can either add this to your bath or put it in a spray bottle and spray it all over yourself. But this draws out the heat and takes away the redness. 
3. Apply aloe Vera. If you have a leaf that it great but if not they sell aloe Vera at the store. The straight aloe kind is great and really heals your skin quickly but if you also want pain relief they have a soothing aloe that creates a cooling effect.
4. Put on a lotion that has some type of cocoa butter in it or aloe and make sure that it is a more natural lotion. Any other kind will irritate your skin and hold heat in.
5. For the pain also take some time of pain reliever. Benadryl will work and help with the itching that can sometimes follow but be careful, it will make you tired. 

Now for disguising the redness if you just don't have the time to deal with the other steps. 
1. Wear clothing that is dark. The dark clothing will help make the redness look less intense. If you wear white it will really amplify the redness. Also don't wear great. Think about the color wheel. Green is opposite so obviously it  will compliment the red and really make it pop.
2. Wear a tinted moisturizer. It will sooth the skin and provide a slight coverage. Also a primer that has a green tint will cancel out the redness. 
3. If you absolutely have to wear a foundation mix it with aloe Vera. It will provide the coverage with all the benefits of the aloe. Another plus is if you have oily skin aloe Vera keeps your skin from getting oily. 
4. Stay away from wearing makeup that has a red tint to it like blush or a red or pink lip color. It will just make your skin look more red. Stick with a bronzer or nude. 

If all else fails stay in! Have a night to yourself and have a long talk with yourself about how next time you need to being the sunscreen! 
Well I hope this helped a little bit and good luck!

Let me know what you do for your sunburns! 

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