Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BH Cosmetics 12 piece Berry Brush Set

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to let ourselves be loved.” 

This is the 12 Piece Berry Brush Set that has synthetic bristles and has purple dip dyed ends with a pink brush handle. This is an extremely affordable brush set for only $15 and is high quality. It comes in a cute and durable brush holder which comes in handy when you are traveling or use it to do others makeup as well and matches how cute the brushes them self are. These brushes have been said to be able to stand up against Mac brushes by the experts such as Youtuber Carli Bybel.

The Brushes
1. The first is a dual sided brow and lash brush which a works like any typical brush like this.
2. This is a spoolie to help brush your brows out and make them lay the way you want. This is nice and this and not too corse.
3. This is a skinny a liner brush to help make a nice fine and exact line with your eye liner. 
4. This is a fine eye liner brush which will help make a nice solid winged line and create a good top line for your upper lid.
5. This is an angled eye liner brush which is great for also making a cat eye and a winged line and crest for drawing a solid line under your lower lash line.
6. This is a great smudge brush. It's just thick enough and can grab the liner or shadow and smudge it and gives good control. 
7. This is a typical fan brush. It's a little this so depending on what you use this for it may be a good or bad thing. I use it to sweep away excess fall out so I fine the fact that the brush is thin a good thing because it doesn't just smudge the excess eye shadow. 
8. This is a flat eye liner brush. I don't really use this one because I don't like it not having an angle to it but it just depends on how you apply liner. It is sturdy though. 
9. This is a small eye shadow brush which it great for applying a V to the outter eye or applying some color to the inner eyes test duct. 
10. This is a larger eye shadow brush which is very soft and applies shadow vet well. It picks up the color and distributes it well for larger areas. 
11. This is a blush brush which is the perfect size to apply blush and give good control. It is very soft  as well and distributes color well. 
12. This is a powder brush. It is a decent size and feels really good when applying powder. It creates a good finish to your skin as well as providing good coverage. 

All of these brushes are fine quality and hold Realtek with without and bristles coming out. The eye liner brush are a little stiffer than the larger brushes but it doesn't hurt, it just helps provide a good line and good control. The eye shadow brushes a softer but stil a little stiff so that your can control where the shadow goes. Then the blush and powder brush are very soft and nice to use. 

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