Monday, May 27, 2013

A Happy and Stress Free Lie

People often wonder how they can be happier and how they can be less stressed out. Well like most people I wondered that too. I experience anxiety quite often and can be quite unhappy because of it. It can totally ruin my day and work on my body as well. I began to work on myself and it also helped that I took a couple of classes on happiness this last semester in college and tried to come up with some ways to change all the stress I was experiencing. So I am going to start posting some tips on what I do and what I learned on how to be less stressed out and be happier.

I realized a majority of stress was from school and just my life feeling like I just couldn't have enough time to do everything. So tip number one is...
1. Buy a planner.
When I get stressed out over what I have to do in a day I feel like my head starts spinning and I don't know where to start. So simply take the planner and start off first by going through the days and writing down the most important things that need to get done and write it down when it needs to be done or when you can get them done.
Then go through and fill in the rest of the things that you need to get done that aren't quite as important. However make sure that you are not putting to many things to do for each day. Spread them out. Make it manageable and plan ahead for things that could change.
Just by doing this and getting it written down always makes me feel better like I have a plan and it will get done and I have organization now.
Also once things start getting done, cross them off! There is nothing better than not only knowing you have completed a task, but once you actually see the items getting crossed off it takes a weight off your chest.

I hope this little bit helps and I will be back with more!

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