Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Outfit Ideas

The other day I was thinking how hard it can be to dress fashionably in the spring. One day it can be really hot then the next really cool. And it is just difficult. When it's cooler out you want to dress warm but sometimes it's harder to when you still want to give off the spring vibe. So I was thinking ok so how can I make a warmer outfit still look springy And so here are some tips.
1) wear a floral or bright colored scarf. It keeps you Warmer but has a spring pattern. 
2) wear colored wedges. Wedges look great with jeans and if they are bright that helps give off the spring vibe.
3) wear white. White and black were really in this spring and white is definitely a spring color so when you are dressing warm and wanting to show its spring white automatically makes the difference. 

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