Thursday, May 30, 2013

Home Remedies for Sunburns

Everyone has had that day where they laid out at the pool or were outside for entirely too long. Only to realize a few hours later that we are completely burnt. But has it ever happened to you that when you look for the relief of Aloe Vera but we are totally out we think that we are going to be left in pain. But now there are some easy home remedies that can help ease the pain of your burn if you ever find yourself here.
1) Apply a topical vitamin E to your skin. Whether you have a bottle laying around of you need to break a few capsules open. This method can work if you try to apply shortly after you have received the burn although the effectiveness fades after time passes. 

2) The next one is milk! Apply dabbed on cool milk to your skin. The creates a coating over your skin which helps sooth it and keep it cool. 

3) Another one is vinegar. Now I've heard both regular vinegar and apple cider vinegar. I person have used the second one. You can either spray it on you or a relaxing way is to pour quite a bit into a bath and soak in it. This helps pull out the heat from your skin. 

4) Grate potatoes and apply to sunburned skin. The starch will cool and soothe the burn.

5)Add some black or green tea to your bathwater to soothe sunburned skin. Or pat sunburned skin with wet tea bags.

6) Shaving cream has also been said to work. Because it often has menthol and other agents in it that are cooling to the skin. 

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