Thursday, May 30, 2013

Workout Motivation Tips

Working out can sometimes be a pain and even though everyone wants that perfect body, the motivation for it isn't always there when the goal doesn't come as quickly as you'd like it to. So sometimes other forms of motivation are needed to keep yourself going each day.

1) Give yourself a little incentive. There are two ways to do this. For both you will need to pick something that you can treat yourself to whether it be a massage, a new purse or a little trip. The first way is after every workout you complete, put a dollar into a jar or some sort of container. Once you reach the amount of money you needed for your treat, go ahead and spend it! The next way is to give yourself a dollar for every pound you lose. Either way works, it is just whichever way you prefer. Both will however give you something to really look forward to and when you see the amount of money growing this will also motivate you. And once you reach your treat this will always be a reminder of why you are doing what you do and when you see the treat you got yourself it will be a reminder of your hard work.

2) Create a motivation board. This will be something that you see everyday and will constantly remind you and motivate you to keep going. It can include quotes and pictures and pep talks that mean something to you. Put small goals on it and cross them off as you complete them. 

3) Challenge your family or friends to do it with you. You can both motivate each other to keep going and keep each other on track. Make a competition out of it and make a deal to do something at the end of it for whoever loses more. Which ever works for the both of you. This is a great way to keep from getting bored and a little competition is always a good thing and never hurt anyone;)

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