Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thicker, Longer Lashes

Mascara is a beautiful thing whenever your lashes aren't quite long enough or thick enough for your likings. Tube after tube when we get done we are left with the same thin, and dull lashes and an empty useless tube of mascara... Or is it useless? Now you can use it to actually make your lashes better and possibly end the on going cycle of buying mascara. Take the empty tube and clean it. Fill 1/4 of the tube with castor oil. 1/2 of the tube fill with vitamin E, and 1/4 of the tube fill with aloe Vera gel. Mix this combination as well as possible. Now apply this to your lashes every night before bed and give it at least a month to work.
Castor oil will help thicken your lashes while the aloe Vera gel will help lengthen them. The vitamin E will help accelerate the growth of them. 

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