Monday, June 24, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Powered Contour Cleansing System

This kit is meant to give you the ability to fit the contours of your face and deep clean around the T-zone and other heard to teach areas for a full face cleansing. It is supposed to take dirt, oil and makeup out if your pores and reveal a healthy looking glow. 

So here is what comes in the kit. 

Both of these items can be used together are separate. However you prefer to clean your face.

So lets start off with the brush tool. 
The brush is shaped so that it has the ability to fit all the grooves of your face. The bristles on it are made of soft little pieces of rubber I think and those vibrate when the brush is turned on. It is a very gentle vibrate and feels really good on the skin while at the same time you can tell it is really worked the face wash down in to your skin. It is super easy to clean too. What I do is just take a little bit of soap and run it through and then rinse it out. What I like about this took is it runs off battery and can be kept up in maintenance so easily. Also if you don't like the scrub that comes with it you can use your own that you really love and take it to the next level with this cleansing tool. 

Next is the face wash. It is the Olay Fresh Effects Shine Shine go away face wash. It is a shine minimizing cleanser that is meant to be out directly on the the head of the brush and worked into the skin. It honestly smells really good. It has a clean fresh smell and feels really good on my face. I could tell a difference right after my shower cause my face just seemed dryer. And not in a dry skin way but like it took all the extra oils out of my skin and left it soft and smooth. 

I really recommend this product so far however time tells all and we will see how well it continues to work for me in the future. 

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