Monday, June 24, 2013

Mini Haul!

So I went shopping and as you can see I didn't pick up too much stuff. But what I am most excited about is the face washes. So lets start off with those first! 

I got the Olay fresh effects Va-Va-Vivid powered contour cleansing system. It comes with a little cleansing brush and then a shine minimizing cleanser. Ill be doing a first impressions and reviews in this one later. But it was only $10 and I got it at Walmart. 

Next I got the Equate blemish control apricot scrub that is a copy if the St. Ives face scrub. I use to have the St. Ives version a long time ago and absolutely loved it. So I wanted to try it again, but as a girl on a budget I went for the cheaper Equate version because Equate products usually work just as well! 

Then being a cheap person like I am I got the Elf Daily Brush Cleaner. It was only like $3 I believe at Walmart but honestly I wouldn't pay any more for it than that because I clean my brushes regularly anyways so what is the point in spending alot of money on a spot cleaner when this cheap one works just as well. 

And finally I picked up another lipstick. It is the Maybelline Coral Gleam 730 colorsensational. It is just a really pretty dark peachy nude color that has a little but of shimmer to it. I got It at Walmart for almost $6.

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