Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY refurbished desk. Quick and easy way to paint it

DIY painted desk. My original desk is from Walmart. Just search black desk. But anyways the black looked good with my room when I got it but recently I switched bedrooms at my house and took the opportunity to re decorate. So the black no longer went with my room and I decided to do all white furniture. But I just did not have the time to sand this baby down so I went and looked at spray paint. I found a brand that worked well on finished woods that required little to no sanding. So I gave it a shot. 

What you'll need:  
One can of primer
One- two cans of white spray paint
One can of a clear coat

(The picture above is the primer and paint I used. The brand is Rust-oleum. The clear coat was in the same line I just don't have a photo.)

Tips: make sure you are doing it in a well ventilated area and do not do it in an area that it hot. The paint will separate and not stick.
Spray in even, short and straight lines so that the finished looked is nicer looking. 

Before Desk: 

Coat one of primer:

Coat one of white spray paint:

Coat two of white spray paint:

Then I touched up some areas and spray a clear coat:

Finished product! It turned out really well and I love it!:

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