Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Layered Drinks For the Holidays

Layered drinks are a really simple and cute way to spice up the way your drinks look. It's a way of making your drink look festive for the holiday or whatever the event may be without trying to hard. 

So what you will need:
•Different kind of drinks in the colors you want to do it in.
-Good drinks to use are cranberry juice, piƱa colada sobe and blue Gatorade. 
Easy enough right? So now what to do?


•Then figure out which drinks have the highest amount of sugar to the lowest amount of sugar. You will need to pour them in that order. The sugar makes the drink more dense and allows the drinks to not separate. 
•Then full your glass up about half way with ice and Pour the first drink to the desired height with the beverage that has the most sugar. 
•Then fill the rest of the glass up and again pour the next drink that has the second most amount of sugar.
•Repeat until your have used the colors you wanted. 

This works best with three types of colored drinks however. If you use to many the layers may be to small and where they meet might blend. 

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